My work and research have been featured in internationally renowned media, such as Nature, Washington Post, MIT Technology Review, Wired, Bloomberg, and Business Insider, as well as in Le Figaro, Analytics India Magazine, and La Repubblica.

I wrote an op-ed on debating whether AI is conscious is a distraction from real problems, and discussed the pitfalls of fear-mongering in AI in my Analytics India Magazine profile.

I’ve taken part in TV shows and helped put together investigative reports, notably for BFMTV, TF1 and RAI.

Additionally, I enjoy joining podcast & radio discussions, where I disseminate my findings and experiences related to AI, aiding in the demystification of the subject.
🇫🇷 For France Culture, I tried to answer the question “Is Artificial Intelligence a new humanism?”. For the French magazine L’ADN we discussed the fact that to contemplate the ethics of AI, one must question the role of the human.

Reach out! With a strong inclination towards science outreach and informing the general public, engagement with journalists is always welcomed. Should you be in the field of journalism and interested in discussing my work and research further, please do not hesitate to get in touch.

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