Nov 28, 2022 “General AI vs Narrow AI : enjeux éthiques. Le cas des modèles de langage” at Université de Grenoble-Alpes for the seminar series “Concepts of Computer Ethics” organized by the Ethics & AI Chair and the Multidisciplinary Institute in Artificial Intelligence (MIAI) (Grenoble, France).
Jul 5, 2022 “Emergence of new narratives in the era of climate and energy transition” for the Interdisciplinary Conference Justice and Values in the Climate Transition at TUDelft (Delft, Netherlands).
Jul 1, 2022 “Philosophy & Law: Complementary Disciplines for the Consolidation of AI Ethics” for the Conference Where AI Ethics should go at Tübingen University (Tübingen, Germany).
May 27, 2022 “AI Ethics as an Interdisciplinary Bridge” for the Interdisciplinary Conference “Intelligent and Autonomous: Emergent Digital Technologies between Ethics, Law, and Self-Regulation” at Vytautas Magnus University (Kaunas, Lithuania).
May 20, 2022 “Qui contrôle l’IA, peut-il être souverain du monde?” at the IA Pau conference (Pau, France).
Apr 9, 2022 “Ethical frameworks as a moral exercise in the field of Natural Language Processing” for the Foundations and Applications of AI - Interdisciplinary Perspectives conference at Peking University (Beijing, China).
Mar 17, 2022 “Agents conversationnels éthiques pour le secteur public” for the IAPau Machine Learning conference (Pau, France).
Jan 25, 2022 “Government usage of AI” for the Artificial Intelligence Law 2022 conference of the Practising Law Institute (New York, United States).
Dec 8, 2021 “What are the ethical and legal issues when building, filtering, hosting and sharing a very large dataset and associated model?” for the NeurIPS 2021 conference.
Nov 24, 2021 “The ghost in the machine has an American accent: challenging US-centric values in AI models with culturally and linguistically diverse texts” for the Australiasian Association for the History, Philosophy and Social Studies of Science conference (Sydney, Australia).
Oct 8, 2021 “The myth of Artificial General Intelligence: ethical concerns related to Large Language Models” for the conference “Implicaciones éticas, jurídicas y antropológicas de la inteligencia artificial” at the Faculty of Philosophy of Universidad Ponitificia Bolivariana (Medellín, Colombia).
Jul 22, 2021 “Come intelligenza artificiale e tecnologia stanno rimodellando il lavoro e le comunità” for the Philosophy festival Orbetech (Grosseto, Italy).
Jul 14, 2021 “Enseigner les éthiques” for the International Summer School on Ethics, Morality and Deontology at University Mohammed Premier d’Oujda (Oujda, Marocco).
May 19, 2021 “AI and ethical design: the greatest challenges for sustainable development” for the Re:Humanism award at Museo nazionale delle arti del XXI secolo MAXXI (Rome, Italy).
Mar 18, 2021 “L’éthique appliquée à l’intelligence artificielle : étude de cas d’un chatbot citoyen” for the laboratory’s seminar “Sciences, Normes, Démocratie” at Sorbonne Université (Paris, France).
Mar 12, 2021 “L’intelligence artificielle comme instrument de participation citoyenne : l’éthique appliquée aux agents conversationnels” for the Doctoral Meeting of the Faculties of Philosophy between Université de Laval in Quebec and Sorbonne Université.
Sep 20, 2020 “Nuove tecnologie e pensiero critico” for the Study Day of Filosofia in Movimento at Università La Sapienza (Rome, Italy).
Mar 3, 2020 “Les questions morales soulevées par l’intelligence artificielle : le cas du chatbot” for the PhiloDoctes conference at Sorbonne Université (Paris, France).
Nov 7, 2019 “Quels enjeux éthiques pour un chatbot à des fins politiques ?” for the Doctoral Seminar TransNum at Sorbonne Université (Paris, France).
Oct 21, 2019 “L’intelligence artificielle à l’épreuve de la démocratie participative” for the laboratory’s seminar “Sciences, Normes, Démocratie” at Sorbonne Université (Paris, France).